7 Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Cocktail

Forget the cocktail, pass me a candle!

I was at Bath & Body Works and I couldn’t resist coming home with a Peach Bellini candle. It’s equal parts invigorating and luxurious; a bright fruity scent followed by the fragrant tang of champagne. I don’t usual drink bellinis because day drinking makes me sluggish and sleepy, but I could breathe in the smell of this candle all day.

In my city, alcohol can be expensive—there are restaurants in DC that even feature $20 cocktails! Candles cost the same amount, and you can use them over and over again. And while it’s not always a good time for a cocktail, there’s no reason you can’t light a candle every night.

If like me, you’re a bit of a candle lush, let me share some of my favorite wine and liquor-inspired candle scents:

rewined-sangria Rewined Sangria Scented Wine Bottle Candle

I’d be remiss to discuss alcohol-scented candles without mentioning the fantastic Rewined collection. This soy wax candle comes in a repurposed wine bottle and burns its spicy, citrus scent for up to 80 hours. Rewined candles are made in Charleston, SC so for those of us on the East Coast, it’s a local buy.

blackberry brandy candle Northern Lights Spirit Jar Candle in Blackberry Brandy

I think they call it a “spirit jar candle” because inhaling this scent is a spiritual experience. Sweet blackberry mixes with the sharp aroma of brandy for an intoxicating blend. The paraffin wax makes for a strong, lasting scent, and the natural cork lid completes the liquor motif.

vanilla porter brew candle Vanilla Porter Brew Candle

Let this blend of beer and vanilla waft around your apartment, no bottle opener required. This soy wax blend comes in a repurposed beer bottle, so you can save the Earth while you enjoy this beer-inspired scent.

kobo sake candle Kobo Cultured Sake Candle

It isn’t easy to capture the juicy umami of a good sake in candle form, but this soy wax blend draws out peach and lotus notes to offset exactly that. It’s an elegant scent that’s unmistakably sake and, as a result, very unique.

bold #1 whiskey candle Makers of Wax Goods Bold #1 Whiskey Candle

A hand-poured candle that matches the full-bodied scent of whiskey. A wood wick means it crackles as it burns for that old-fashioned leather study feel. A sturdy octagonal glass container makes this a good gift for the whiskey-lover in your life.

Illume Lustre Jar Candle – Blackberry Absinthe

Blackberry must pair well with liquor indeed, because this is the second candle on the list to mix that richly sweet fruit with an alcohol scent. I’ve never had absinthe so I don’t know how accurate it is, but this candle is spicy, peppery and sweet.

moscow mule candle Acadian Candle Co. Mixology Cocktail — Moscow Mule

This spicy drink now has a candle scent to match. Note of lime compliment a ginger base scent for a mix that will definitely remind you of a Moscow Mule. If it makes you thirsty, the candle helpfully comes with a cocktail recipe, too!

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