Are Sculptural Candles Replacing Jar Candles?

Here’s an unusual development in candle trends for 2019: sculpted pillar candles. Instead of candles that live snugly in jars, people are falling in love with wax candles that double as art. Called sculptural candles, these pillars of wax come in all shapes and sizes.

According to Dominique Pariso writing for New York Magazine, sculptural candles offer a different type of enjoyment than jar candles. They’re not scented and you can’t reuse them as cute storage containers. But she argues that it’s this ephemerality that makes them special: “it’s an objet d’art, a tchotchke, and a spectacle, all in one.”

If this spring 2019 candle trend has piqued your interest, here are a few sculptural candles I like that offer your home something totally different than your average jar candle:

Candellana Geometric Candle

This minimalist geometric candle is a great first pillar candle for anyone looking for something beyond jar candles. Its striking presentation combined with its soft pink hue is the perfect mix of understatement and daring.

PyroPet Candles Einar Unicorn Skeleton Candle

This candle doubles as a pet and even has a name: Einar. But as Einar burns down, he leaves a creepy surprise: his own skeleton! From his artistic purple beginning to golden skeletal remains, he’s a conversation piece to the very end.

Candellana Skull Poly Candle

Speaking of a memento mori, this metallic skull candle will certainly add drama to your decor. It comes in metallic gold, silver, and a dozen other hues so you can choose whichever will be the most striking and unforgettable look for your home.

Areaware Goober Candle

There’s something so delightful about these squishy-looking “goober” candles. They’re whimsical works of art that each seem to have their own personality! Their playful shapes and pleasing pastel colors look great alone or as a trio.

Kitkosh Carved Candle

Now here’s a retro-looking pillar candle that might remind you of candle kiosks at the mall when you were a child. These layered, rainbow-hued candles are no less beautiful in 2019, and now they’ve got the nostalgia factor, too.

Lead image: a detailed look at the Kitkosh Carved Candle.

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