My Favorite Candle Trends for Fall and Winter 2017

There’s a crisp bite in the air and October is officially here! This is such a bittersweet time of year: while I look forward to the holiday season, I also have to face that most of the year is behind me. Another summer is on the books, and it’s time to settle in for fall and winter.

As I prepare to spend more and more time indoors where it’s warm, I’m also stocking up on some cutting-edge candle scents that reflect my 2017 mood. I’ve detected four key themes for fall and winter candle trends, and I can’t wait to sample them all:

Natural and Earthy

This autumn, natural and earthy scents are in the spotlight. Such scents—like wood, leather, and sage—are down to earth and make your home more relaxing. Some of my picks:

Archipelago Black Forest Candle

This uncommonly fragrant candle will fill your home with a sophisticated, woody scent, comprised of a blend of Douglas fir, ebony wood and a subtle hint of black currant.

Fern + Moss Amber Glass Apothecary Candle

A candle made for nature lovers, this woodsy scent with notes of lavender and sage is inspired by the dewy and beautiful Fern Valley in Northern California. Bring the great outdoors in!

Elegant Edibles

There’s a reason it’s pumpkin spice that stole the show and not plain old pumpkin. When it comes to foodie scents, fusion is very now. I’m seeing a lot of unexpected blends that mix a well loved and familiar food scent with one that’s unusual and exotic. Some of my picks:

Illume Copper Leaves Tin Candle

Immerse your senses in the gustatory delights of glazed peaches with hints of coconut and cinnamon. Mix in sandalwood and musk, and you’ve got one eclectic autumn aroma.

Paddywax Provisions Collection Fig & Olive Soy Candle

The rich sweetness of fig and the salty tang of olive go surprisingly well together in this sweet and savory combination. Comes in a beautiful, repurposable matte ceramic jar.

Autumn Florals

Now is not the time for sweet peas or lilacs. As the weather gets cooler, I’m seeing later blooms take the stage. Here are some of my picks for this 2017 trend:

Woodwick Mums Candle

Here’s a flower that rarely gets a chance to shine in candle form. It captures the fresh floral aroma of mums through a crisp autumn breeze with hints of jasmine and gardenia.

Paddywax Wildflowers & Birch Alpine Collection Candle

The scent of alpine wildflowers gone to seed will remind you of an invigorating late autumn walk through the woods. I also love the speckled enamelware pot it arrives in.

Herbal Tea

Nothing is more comforting than a steaming mug of herbal tea, and lately I’ve seen candles that take cues from this trend making more of a statement. Here are some on-trend candles I’d pick:

Nest Lemongrass & Ginger

Ginger tea is one of my favorite flavors. Squeeze a juicy lemon in there and I’m ready to combat any autumn sniffles. This is the candle counterpart to that spicy, citrusy mug of tea.

Manu Home Kyoto Flower Candle

The delicate aroma of jasmine and white tea will remind you of a traditional Japanese tea service. Elegant and understated, it’s still powerful enough to waft through a room.

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