My Predictions for 2018 Candle Trends

It’s February, which means I’ve finally stopped accidentally writing “2017” on diary entries and checks. We are officially in 2018, and I’ll be the first to say it’s already a great year for candles. I’ve been lighting some summery scents to help me through the cold winter months, and as I shop for new candles, I’ve noticed a couple of candle trends for 2018:

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Soy candles are huge

Candle consumers are getting more choosy about what their candles are made of. Increasingly, researchers are advising candle fans to burn paraffin candles sparingly to avoid side effects like migraines or asthma attacks. I’ve noticed that many candle-makers are switching to soy wax because it’s natural and nontoxic. That is, if the candle really is 100% soy—keep in mind that as long as a candle is 51% soy, candlemakers can legally call it a “soy wax blend.”

Looking for 100% soy candles? Try a candle from Continental Wax Works or Cotton and Wax.

Candles sold as experiences

Let’s face it: nobody needs to walk into a brick-and-mortar store anymore if they don’t want to. You can buy everything online! So unless a store has a really good experience, like the helpful atmosphere of Sephora for example, I’m not going in. Since candle companies realize this, they’re working to create more immersive experiences—nice smells, free samples, and additional wellness features, the way the #CandlePower pop-up shop provided.

Emphasized luxury

I know this is rich coming from me, but you don’t need to buy candles, not the same way you need to buy groceries. Jokes aside, candles are rarely part of the budget. That means every time you buy a candle, you are technically making a luxury purchase, where the definition of “luxury” is “something you don’t need to survive.” I think that’s why this year, candle makers are doubling down on gorgeous labels, exotic scents, and elegant votives. Candles have always been a little fancy, but in 2018 their look and feel is especially elaborate. I predict fancy department store brands, like Diptyque and Voluspa, will do well.

What candle trends are you noticing in 2018?


    1. Hello, I’ve been a candle lover my whole life. I’ve went through a lot of brands. Until I discovered one brand that does it all to price to burn to scent. Not sure why I never see reviews on the candle blogs. Is it not known. Not sure the reason. But definitely worth the try. CHESTNUT HILL CANDLE CO. My fav. To name a few At the mall- sunwash -wild honey- meadow. All Christmas scents.

    1. At the mall is candle of the month for 9.99 16oz. Free shipping on $75. Any candle lover definitely should try these candles.

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