Review: Flashpoint Candle

What is it about candles that makes them so captivating? If it were just the scent, we could get the same rush from fresh flowers. Instead, it’s a combination of things—the aroma, the packaging, and the mesmerizing flicker of flame. A good candle is no different than a good experience.

I was reminded of this when I got the opportunity to review one of Flashpoint Candle‘s six-wick creations. This is a candle that looks and smells gorgeous, and is large enough to be a living room centerpiece!


The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The company sent me their Saxon leaf green English Pear offering.  It wasn’t until the candle arrived that I realized the “leaf green” description referred not to the color of the candle wax, but the container. (“Saxon” refers to the six-wick model.) Each Flashpoint candle comes in a one-of-a-kind earthenware clay bowl, one that I will surely get use out of long after the candle is gone.

Only, I can’t say that will be any time soon! With an 8.5 inch diameter, my Flashpoint candle is now the largest in my collection. When you get all six wicks lit, it’s like a mini-fireplace in your personal sanctuary. For an apartment dweller like me who doesn’t plan on having a real fireplace anytime soon, it’s perfect.


Flashpoint specializes in crisp, invigorating scents. A glimpse of their offerings includes Mango Citronella, Garden Herbs, and Juniper. The English Pear scent I received is refreshing enough to change the mood in an entire room—though that might just be because of the candle’s size! Five minutes after lighting it, I could smell it wafting all over my apartment. If you are sensitive to smells, it’s worth noting that Flashpoint offers unscented soy blend candles for a purely visual experience. I hope my photos do justice to the way the earthenware glaze positively glimmers in the candlelight.

The candle was subtly wrapped in an understated ribbon and country-french lace detailing. There was a plastic covering on top to protect the wax, and this is my one complaint about the product—it took forever to get that sticky plastic off the sides of the earthenware! After I did, I ran a damp cloth over it to remove any residue.


I really enjoyed the opportunity to review a Flashpoint candle. Had I been shopping for one, I might have incorrectly thought the price of the candle (around $50) was a promise the candle’s quality couldn’t keep. Instead, this is one of the most impressive candles in my collection, at once visually and aromatically beautiful. An amazing candle doesn’t have just one good point, it has several, and that’s where Flashpoint elevates the act of candle-lighting into an experience.

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