Slake Your Wanderlust With Destination-Inspired Candles From Crown & Crest

Do you have any post-pandemic travel goals? As quarantine drags on, I find myself fantasizing more about the places I’ll visit as soon as it’s safe to do so. I’d love to take my baby daughter to the Virgin Islands so she can try stamping her chubby feet in the sand. I’d like to finally take my husband to Italy, where my family is from, and hike the ruins of villas in Tuscany. At the very least, I’d like to take a long-overdue vacation with my friends to a nearby lakeside retreat. 

While real travel still feels like a pipe dream, I’ve found a temporary solution. Given what kind of blog this is, you’ve probably already guessed I mean candles! Recently I learned about Crown & Crest, a candle brand that draws inspiration for its wide array of scents from far-flung destinations around the globe.

Based out of White House, Tennessee, Crown & Crest Candle Company is devoted to crafting eco-friendly, organic candles. Shane Jensen told me that the company previously was a staple at Nashville farmer’s markets, but since COVID-19 transformed the small business landscape, he’s been trying to help his company take off online instead. The current approach: to advertise the company’s cosmopolitan candle scents. 

“I look for complex scent fragrances that have depth and smell fabulous, and love to find nostalgic scents of places I have been or different pleasant memories from the past that I believe will take you on a journey of scent,” Shane told me.

Shane sent me four different Crown & Crest scents to try. Denmark Sea Pier has notes of honeydew and a hint of saltwater. Brazil Rainforest has a lush jungle aroma with sandalwood afterthoughts. India Monsoon is aquatic and velvety, like the smell of night-blooming flowers after a storm. Sultan is a heady blend of spices evocative of the desert. All of these scent throws are intense and room-filling, best for those who prefer more strongly scented candles.

Crown & Crest candles don’t only evoke exotic locales, but memories closer to home. I’m sure one day when my daughter is grown I’ll appreciate their Remember Baby scent. Of the many candle small businesses I’ve reviewed over the years, I’ve rarely seen range like this. There’s enough variety, Shane knows, to appeal to all sorts of people young and old.  

“We were at a craft show at the Marketplace in East Nashville and a little girl and her mother bought a candle and she kept coming by and taking sniffs of candles,” he recalled. “She would pick the candle up and press her nose in and kick back her head like she was gulping down a big whiff from the store, and then just be in ecstasy and say, ‘That is wonderful!’ And I thought I liked to sniff the candles!”

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