Why Everyone Is Getting Into The Candle Business

Your new favorite candle brand might not only make candles.

From jewelry start-ups to lingerie lines, all sorts of businesses are getting in on the candle craze. According to Business Insider, it’s no coincidence. From home goods to skincare, the one thing all of these newly candle-producing companies have in common is a focus on luxury goods. And when it comes to creating a feeling of luxury, it helps to harness all of the senses.

Mejuri, a jewelry company that specializes in the type of delicate gold rings and ear studs that you can layer and stack or wear alone for understated drama, recently released a line of candles alongside its new wearable offerings.

“It is our mission to have women embrace a daily dose of luxury,” reads the company’s About page. Candles, which can elevate and transform a space through scent, are a natural extension of that objective. The company launched its line with just two candles, designed for alternating parts of the day: Mejuri AM and Mejuri PM.

A trio of Boy Smells’ most popular scented candles.

Some companies are going the opposite way—expanding from candlemaking to other luxury goods, too. Boy Smells is one such candle line, which expanded from candles and other scented goods like lotions into a recent new line of (unscented!) lingerie.

“Candles and underwear are both extensions of our personal environments,” Boy Smells founder Matthew Herman told Fashionista. “We’re interested in the things that we buy, that make our lives that extra bit nicer—but are not things we show off. Candles, underwear, scents, sheets, creams: These are all things we see in the Boy Smells wheelhouse.”

Candles are just one aspect of a luxurious lifestyle, and brands realize that. It’s good news for candle lovers everywhere, because it means more choices and variety for us.

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