5 Candles Better Than A Boyfriend

Have you heard the legend of the candle boyfriend? According to a group of candle fans on Tumblr, Yankee Candle’s Mountain Lodge jar candle smells like “an ideal man,” or perhaps literally Chris Evans. In lieu of ever spending time with men again, these fans are taking a whiff, envisioning their fantasy male, and taping a photo of him to the side of the jar.

Since then, manly candles have been having a moment. There’s something about the smell of leather or spice or cedarwood that makes some candles smell like a boyfriend in a jar—minus any of the give-and-take or compromise of a real life relationship. Try out one of my candle picks for the ultimate low-maintenance love affair:

 baxter_white_wood_candle Baxter of California — White Wood Number Three

You await your boyfriend in the cabin you share together, where you have lit a roaring fire. At dusk, he returns with pine needles in his beard, smelling of birch tar, leather, wood, rosemary oil, and cedar. You snuggle into his muscular body, reveling in the silence. He is a man of great presence, but few words.

diptyque-feu-de-bois Diptyque — Feu de bois

You were a bit nervous when your boyfriend convinced you to spend the holidays at his family’s chalet in Switzerland, but looking at him now, with snowflakes in his dark curls and his mittened hand in yours, you can’t imagine anything better. Your twilight snowshoe stroll together smells woodsy, but in a sophisticated European way.

archipelago-botanicals-havana Archipelago Botanicals — Havana

Your dress billows as you turn to look at your boyfriend’s chiseled face. It was his idea to go to Havana, he thought a change of scene would inspire his next bestseller, and of course he insisted on bringing you, his fellow novelist and muse. Tonight the two of you will stay up late, indulge in rum and cigars, and discuss feminist literature.

paddywax-apothecary Paddywax — Tobacco and Patchouli

You used to live in the city, but that all seems like a bad dream now as you pick fresh herbs in front of the cottage your boyfriend built with his own two hands. As you fill your basket with sage and wildflowers, you catch a hint of your boyfriend’s pipe smoke drifting through the open window. You’ve never felt more at home.

yankee-candle-mountain-lodge Yankee Candle — Mountain Lodge Large Jar Candle

Your boyfriend is Chris Evans.


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