Get to know a candle brand: Bellana Candles

What were your favorite candle trends of 2019? As we send off the year, I finally got to try out one of mine.

A few months after I wrote Are Sculptural Candles Replacing Jar Candles?, I heard from a sculptural candle brand, Bellana Candles. I was immediately interested in the candles’ bold colors and artistic, minimalist shapes.

Bellana Candles is the independent creation of fiances Pardeep and Naomi.

“I was inspired to start this brand because I asked myself, ‘Why are the majority of candles poured in jars?'” Pardeep told me. “I saw an opportunity to create a candle that would also make a beautiful centerpiece.”

Once they’d decided to create a candle brand, choosing the material was the next most important decision. All Bellana candles are made with 100% palm wax. “It’s important to make all-natural candles because we care about the environment as much as creating a product that’s safe for our customers,” Pardeep said.

Bellana Candles sent me their White Maisa candle. There’s no scent in this candle at all, making it the only unscented candle I own. What it lacks aromatically it makes up visually with its shape, a modernist, vertical feat.

This holiday season, I’ve been hosting more guests. I set up my White Maisa on the table with a couple of succulents for an understated centerpiece. It looks so different from my other candles that it immediately got comments from my family and friends. “It looks like it belongs in a trendy hotel lobby!” my sister remarked.

This is certainly my most uniquely shaped candle. I’m excited to see how its shape evolves as it burns.

Would you buy a sculptural candle? Or are jar candles just too omnipresent?

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