6 Delicate Floral Candles To Make Spring Arrive Early

It’s March, so why are there still flurries in D.C.? I’ve had just about enough of winter.

Instead, I’m dreaming about spring, which is just around the corner. Recent walks around the neighborhood show that while bulbs are poking their first shoots up, there are no flowers yet. Fortunately, scented candles are here to make up the difference. Floral scented candles, particularly those that smell like early spring blooms, make it feel like spring is already here.

Here are my picks for floral scented candles that will bring spring to your space.

DW Home Cherry Blossom and Peony Candle

In Washington DC, nothing says spring like the arrival of the cherry blossoms. With this delicate pink candle, some of my favorite spring blossoms can be here a little early.

Onlywax Soy Wax Lilac Candle

This all-natural votive contains little more than soy wax and real lilac oil, which makes it great for candle lovers with allergies. Breathe in and imagine the fragrant purple shrubs that will soon be in bloom.

Seda France Classic Toile Hyacinth Pagoda Candle

In Easter pinks and violet blues, hyacinths are some of the first bulbs to blossom in my neighborhood. This candle’s fresh floral scent makes me feel like they’re already here, and the toile pagoda packaging makes it double as elegant decor.

Aromatique “Smell of Spring” Cube Jar Candle

Fill your home with the clean scent of fresh-cut blooms from spring’s most iconic florals like hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley. This powerful candle is particularly effective at making your entire space smell heavenly.

Yankee Candle Tulips Jar Candle

With top notes of dewy greens and a hint of lemon, this candle captures the feeling of standing in a fresh field of one of nature’s most colorful and iconic spring blooms.

Love Nature NYC Gardenia and Lily Candle

Gardenias and lilies are in spring’s second string, achieving peak bloom in May. Fast-forward to this gorgeous time of year with these nontoxic, naturally-derived floral fragrances.


    1. I’ve been struggling with the cold winter this year. It always rough with the short daylight hours. This entry gave me the hope and joy to make it the few more weeks to spring. Thanks Lauren!

    1. I love floral candles, Thanks for your posting about floral scents, The one of Cherry blossom and peonies sound awesome.

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