My Top 5 Candle Blogs

I love reading about candles almost as much as I like candles themselves. When I’m not writing on my own blog, I’m checking out a couple of these great candle blogs. Check them out:

Candle Find

With three regular reviewers and a forum for readers, this site has no shortage of candle opinions. It also includes great resources like an alphabetical list of candle brands and their locations.

Candle Junkies

A mix of DIYs and reviews with the goal of helping you choose for yourself which candle you like best. They’ll write up a┬ábunch of reviews for one category (like jewelry candles) all at once, so you can read their reactions and make your own savvy shopping choices.


A lot of great resources on this site, but my favorite is their complete list of EVERY Yankee candle scent (and a description of what it’s like) so you know can buy online instead of spending a day sniffing everything in the store.

The Candle Review

Currently hasn’t been updated since winter 2016, but I hope it comes back soon! The Candle Review doesn’t just do the reviews in its title, but also offers a lot of tips on how to get the most out of your candles.

Yankee Candle Sisters

Averaging 3 reviews a week and 600+ posts since 2011, this is one of the most prolific candle blogs I’ve found! The Yankee Candle Sisters share clear, concise graded reviews so you can really get a feel for each candle they assess.

Photo by Darren Webb


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