Get to know a candle brand: Adia Candle Co.

When I went home for Thanksgiving this year, I brought my Adia candles with me. Adia is a generous candle brand that gives away 50% of each candle purchase price to a charity that its community votes on on Facebook.


They were also generous enough to mail me a sampler of their newest scents, just in time for some gloomy, rainy weather in Northern Virginia, where all I wanted was soothing scents and candlelight. I figured my family would feel the same way, and they did!

We lit one of Adia’s latest seasonal scents, Drury Lane, while we were setting the Thanksgiving table the day before the feast. We hadn’t started baking the desserts yet, but you wouldn’t know from the scent that instantly began wafting through the air—like gingerbread, apple cinnamon, and spice cake. It was a cozy, homey scent, but it reminded me why I don’t light food-scented candles too often: it only took half an hour before it started to make me hungry!


Along with the Drury Lane jar candle, Adia also sent me a sampler of seven of their scents in small tins. It seemed like there was one for everyone! My mom loved the calming aroma of Salient Eucalyptus, an herbal mix; my dad loved the woodsy scent of Aged Spruce, like bringing the outdoors in; and my sister thought Plumeria in Bloom smelled like being on vacation.


It was hard to part with them, but eventually I decided to send everyone home from our Thanksgiving celebration with a candle. After all, generosity is what Adia Candle Co. is all about!

Have you ever tried an Adia candle? Which candle brand do you think I should I review next?