Get to know a candle brand: Be in a Good Mood Candles

One of the most welcome 2019 candle trends I’ve seen is a return to the basics. No matter how trendy or elaborate the candle, we ultimately choose one to burn based on how it makes us feel. We burn candles that calm us, that revitalize us, that put us in a better mood.

That’s the entire philosophy behind the brand I’m reviewing today: Be in a Good Mood Candles. Rather than selecting by scent, customers are encouraged to choose a candle to burn based on a target feeling they want to achieve, whether that’s peaceful, energized, or hopeful!

Be in a Good Mood Candles are sold in department stores like Kohls all over the United States. They come in 11 premium scents, each brightly color-coded and based on a specific mood. From white Angelic to black Mystic, there is a rainbow of emotions to choose from.

I received four review candles from Be in a Good Mood: Energetic (yellow, “bergamot orange” which to me is a zesty citrus), Sensitive (cyan blue, “Blue Moon” which to me smells like clean linens), Faithful (forest green, “wild figs” which to me also has earthy undertones), and Mystic (black, “black musk” which is a sweet musk). Even before burning the candles, their scents were very strong. Once burning, the candles diffuse throughout a room within minutes—according to the description, “up to 500 square feet.” Each candle is about the size of a teacup and promises 30-40 hours burn time, which in my experience is consistent for its size.

The bold typographic treatment on the front of the candle reminds you why you’re burning it in the first place—it reinforces that intention to be in a good mood, and just which mood that is. (It can be argued that “mystic” isn’t a Mood per se, but the scent of the candle gives me witchy vibes of spiritual connectivity, which can itself be a target feeling.) But if you’re a minimalist who just wants the bold color, you can flip it around for an understated look. Speaking of minimalism, this mostly mineral wax product is, too: it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, BPA-free, alcohol-free, and silicone free.

Be in a Good Mood Candles are one of the five fragrance brands from a Turkish company called CEKK that is so new, its website is still under construction, as is the Be in a Good Mood official site. The brand’s Instagram is your best bet for finding out where to buy the candle line: a range of department stores and specialty boutiques, plus online shops like Amazon.

My verdict: Be in a Good Mood candles are great for tapping into your crunchy side with feeling-focused intentions, and all the better if you’re trying to scent a large room like a yoga studio. In a rainbow of color options, there’s one to suit your every mood.