Get to know a candle brand: Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon is the Girl Next Door of candle brands: simple, understated, and probably already in your neighborhood. Since Gold Canyon brands are sold exclusively through consultants, you may have already been to a party where they were for sale.

A few weeks ago, a consultant named Kayla reached out to ask me if I’d like to test one of Gold Canyon’s new seasonal scents. She sent me the company’s digital Fall/Winter 2016 catalogue so I could take a look. Amid the gorgeous styling, you can see a pattern form—the candles themselves consist of monochrome jewel-toned wax, and are always encased in a crystalline glass casing reminiscent of a jam jar. It’s a very simple, cozy vibe.

Click the image to read the Fall/Winter 2016 catalogue.
Click the image to read the Fall/Winter 2016 catalogue.

While a lot of the season’s new aromas sounded tempting (Plum Woods! Frosted Branches!) I immediately zeroed in on Enchanted Forest. Without being able to smell it in advance, I envisioned something out of a fairytale.

While I waited for my candle to arrive, Kayla sent me a helpful video on how to make Gold Canyon candles last as long as possible. Consultants also recommend using a wick dipper, a small steel implement you use to flip the lit wick into the melted wax to extinguish the candle with no mess. (Ever blown out a candle too hard and splattered wax on your tabletop? That’s definitely happened to me.)

I received my candle within a week. It’s a very pale green-blue with two wicks for even wax melt distribution. I immediately brought it outside to do a quick photoshoot in the woods. It happened to be Halloween when I was out lighting my candle in the forest, so I hope nobody who walked by thought I was doing a dark magic ritual!


Sure enough, “Enchanted Forest” is the perfect name for this scent. It has a redolence akin to Rivendell, the fantasy elf village in Lord of the Rings. Seriously, this candle must be what elves smell like: woodsy and bright. But this soy-wax blend does take time to get going. At first, it’s very faint. But give it half an hour, and you’ll be able to smell it from any room in your house.

Definitely check out Gold Canyon, and especially check out Kayla’s page. Since you buy these candles through consultants instead of a store, you’re not only filling your home with great scents when you buy; you’re helping entrepreneurs like Kayla make an income. If you like giving back with your candles, you might be interested to know that Gold Canyon is also available for fundraisers. You can get support to have your school or charity sell them door to door.

Have you ever tried a Gold Canyon candle? Which candle brand do you think I should I review next?


    1. I was a consultant for over 4 years. Sn6d, after that, I was still a customer. I haven’t really ordered anything because I have quite a personal stock left, and that was 4 years ago. A friend who still sells wanted my opinion on a candle, and gave me to test and try out. Something has changed. The first thing I noticed was there were air pockets on the inside of the candle. Second thing was the wax is harder than the soft feel of the wax from 4 to 8 years ago when I started selling to not selling. I burned it twice for at least 4 hours in my kitchen. That’s the only area I smelled it. And, the wax is not leveling out, it’s tunneling. They have changed something, and not for the better. And from what I’m hearing, there are a lot of consultants not happy with the direction the company plan has taken them. It’s really sad. There is more, but I’m just going to leave this as mostly an updated product review.

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