Get to know a candle brand: PartyLite

PartyLite is the Mary Kay of the candle world. It’s by far the most high-profile multilevel marketing company for scented candles and fragrances.

I decided to review a PartyLite candle after getting in touch with consultant Kendra Shakir. After becoming her consultant cousin’s top customer, she decided to become one herself. Kendra said consultants can earn extra cash and even vacations to places like Dubai.

I decided to try out my PartyLite candle for the first time while on vacation myself. I packed my PartyLite Sea Glass 3-Wick in my carry-on… and was immediately stopped by security.

“What’s this big round object?” the TSA agent asked, pointing at the screen.

I squinted a bit before I realized. “That’s my PartyLite candle!” I exclaimed, and unzipped the pouch on my suitcase so he could see.

“Do you always travel with a candle?” he asked.

If only he knew.

I arrived in sunny Naples, Florida a few hours later. That’s where my parents live, right on the beach. It takes ten minutes from their doorstep to dipping your feet in the surf—I checked!

I took these photos while the sun was setting over the ocean, all pinks and golds. This Sea Glass 3-Wick, which is part of PartyLite’s 2018 spring line, was right at home in the sand.

Mom took this “behind the scenes” photo of Dad and I.

The real test came after dark when I lit it indoors. Even with the windows closed, I could smell driftwood, tropical flowers, and an undeniable tang of salty air. PartyLite uses food-grade paraffin wax to conduct scents like this one. Though I’ve been on a soy wax kick, it gives me a lot of comfort to know this candle is made of ingredients safe enough to be put in food.

PartyLite has been around for ages (Kendra said her cousin has been a consultant for 20 years!) and the brand has changed a lot lately. That’s led to some unhappy loyalists (since some scents have been retired) and to new buyers like me.

Have you ever tried a PartyLite candle? What did you think of it?

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