Six Spooky Halloween Candles Perfect For Home Decor

Every year, my husband and I throw a Halloween party. When it comes to Halloween decorations, I think scent is a major part of the atmosphere. So of course I’m going to put out a Halloween scented candle or two as part of my arrangements.

I scoured the internet for six Halloween scented candles that range from autumnal to downright spooky. Check them out below:

Woodwick Halloween Trick Or Treat Trilogy

Nothing says Halloween like candy! With layers of candy corn, caramel, and sweet pumpkin, I love that this candy-scented candle also looks like a big piece of candy corn itself.

Bath & Body Works Happy Halloween

I’ve said it before: these three-wick candles can really fill up a room. And this sweet and spicy pumpkin aroma is one that all of your Halloween guests will appreciate.

Sugar Creek “Poison” Candle

Apparently, poison smells like an invigorating citrus and sweet berry blend! I also love the cute and funky skull decoration on the front of the votive.

Yankee Candle Witches Brew

Brew up the aroma of exotic patchouli for a blend of tangy spice. I love how Yankee Candle is now using essential oils to dial up the volume of their natural scents.

Pyro Pet Black Cat Skeleton Candle

This is one unique unscented Halloween candle! At first it looks like a cute geometric black cat. But light her up to reveal the spooky skeleton inside! A real hit at any Halloween party.

Candeo Spooky Mansion Candle

Instead of a frightful appearance, how about a fright-invoking scent? Candeo blends combines cedarwood with the scent of sage and sweetgrass to capture a haunted mansion in your home.