Things to consider before you join a Candle of the Month club

When it comes to candles, I’m all about trying new things. Sure, there are some scents I will always go back to (looking at you, Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange), but I love the way candles have the power to transport me to new locales, even places I’ve never been! Now I’d be bored if my house smelled the same way all the time.

That’s why I’m a fan of “Candle of the Month” clubs. Usually, you pay one lump sum upfront, and you get candles delivered to your doorstep for months and months after that. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Read on to see which club is best for you.

1) Do you burn candles often enough to join a candle of the month club?

After a year of subscribing to a candle club, do you envision your living room packed with twelve unopened candle jars? If so, a monthly subscription might not be for you.

For fewer deliveries, there’s Candle Delirium’s Every Other Month (6) and Every Season (4) yearly candle clubs. Candle Delirium specializes in luxury candle brands only, so even though the quantity is down, the quality certainly isn’t.

2) Do you like a lot of variety in your candle scents?

Most candle clubs really mix it up. You could get a fruity scent one month, a floral scent the next, and an earthy aroma after that! But it’s possible that you tend to gravitate toward just the same kinds of scents every time you buy candles.

If you’re picky, you can choose a custom candle-of-the-month like Wickbox. This subscription first has you fill out a scent profile, and then only sends you candles that match it. That way you can ensure each monthly surprise is the good kind of surprise!

3) Do you want to support small businesses?

More and more small candle creators are coming up with candle-of-the-month services. One of my local providers is Handmade Habitat, a one-woman shop in the DC area. Amina creates all-natural soy candles that are good for the environment, and her packaging and scents reflect the seasons. Her monthly and seasonal candle subscriptions help you give back in more than one way!

Other great small business candle-of-the-month clubs to support include McCall’s Candles (all made in the USA), Dream Soy, and Intentional Illumination.

Do you have a “Candle of the Month” subscription? What has your experience been like?

Lead photo by Daiga Ellaby